Johnson Controls Battery Technology Centers plays an important role in our company’s commitments to excellence, to the environment and to innovation.

Commitment to Excellence

Chemists at our Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) laboratory ensure the consistent high quality of all raw materials that make up our lead-acid batteries. Recycled materials as well as virgin constituents are constantly tested to evaluate composition and ensure no contaminants are present.

Commitment to the Environment

The auto industry faces unprecedented challenges in improving fuel efficiency and reducing vehicle emissions, while at the same time producing more electrical power for vehicle safety and comfort features. This has led to the development of hybrid vehicles and improved battery technology.

Commitment to Innovation

New hybrid vehicles will depend on Johnson Controls’ new PowerWatch™ system. PowerWatch™ monitors the battery, communicates battery status to the vehicle and interacts with the vehicle to optimize battery performance, charging and long life. Johnson Controls is also developing innovative battery modular systems.