Battery recycling – active environmental protection

Battery recycling is important for the environment. Your customers and ours expect it, and rightly so. Johnson Controls has operated an extensive recycling program for many years already.

Recycling made easy – we come to you and collect your customers' used batteries

We take back any kind of lead-acid battery, no matter which make. Just send a fax or an e-mail and our logistics partner will collect the used batteries from you direct. You can return as many batteries as you like, because we want to get as many as possible into the recycling process. For this purpose Johnson Controls operates one of the world's most modern battery recycling plants in Germany. When you think that Johnson Controls produces a third of all starter batteries worldwide, this is a very major contribution.
We have standardized the whole process so that everything is as simple for you as possible and will continue to work so. Ensuring the environmentally compatible disposal and recycling of batteries today and for the future – that is what we understand by sustainability.

More environmental protection through modern battery technology and longer life cycle

Our aim is that more and more people should be able to use constantly improving and thus environmentally friendly energy systems in their vehicles. At our battery technology centers worldwide we are working on new energy systems, modern lithium-ion and nickel metal hydride batteries for hybrid vehicles, and on lengthening the life cycle of batteries. Battery Technology Centers