Service man

Equipment Service & Maintenance

We know what you expect from your service provider

Even with the most dependable HVAC equipment and controls there will be times when you require support from equipment service experts. Whether you need one person or a team of people, Johnson Controls can provide a solution that will get your building running at its full potential.


We understand what it means to respect your facility and follow your processes with safety always a top priority. We don’t just deliver a temporary solution for your service needs, but offer long-term solutions with your entire building in mind.

Trust our team

You need someone who can handle the job. You need someone who will fix problems others cannot. Someone you can  trust and whom you can count on to always give their best.


Our factory-trained technicians average 10 or more years of experience and continuously improve their skills through ongoing training, giving you the assurance that the work will be done right the first time round.


Our scope includes:


  • Building Automation System Maintenance
  • HVAC Mechanical Services
  • Fire and Security System Installations and Maintenance
  • Multi-Vendor Service Solutions
  • HVAC Repair Center

Trust our products

With our full range of energy efficient products we also provide a means to transform your environment into a more sustainable operation.  We deliver quick responses, and equipment longevity, and can identify ways in which you can reduce energy and operation costs, ensuring that your facility achieves optimal performance standards.