Different industries and companies throughout the world all have specific, individual needs for carefully controlled temperature facilities. These needs are often key elements in operational reliability, or in the quality and value of the finished product.

Whether your application is in food, beverage or pharmaceutical refrigeration, cold storage, or the natural gas and petrochemical industries, Johnson Controls has the products, packages, service and technical support to keep your production units in seamless operation. Our company is the world leader in the applications of natural refrigerants eg. ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons and water.

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We provide highly efficient industrial refrigeration, freezing and air-treatment systems for an extensive range of specific industries and production processes. We work with various segments such as dairies, cold storage, ice rinks, slaughterhouses, breweries, the poultry industry, process cooling, concrete mix cooling and soil freezing.
We help forward-thinking retail chains provide what green consumers want, namely stores owned by responsive, environmentally responsible companies. Our commercial refrigeration experts are quite simply the people to talk to about the efficient implementation of refrigeration and temperature management technologies.