Workplace strategy

Create smart workspaces where people can achieve

Workplaces have a big impact on people productivity, talent retention and costs. However, many companies derive just a fraction of potential value from their space. Our workplace strategies help you create environments where people achieve more so your business can thrive.


Connecting people needs, business goals and workplace

Workplace Strategy

We believe that workplaces need to support your people, operations and business goals. Our global workplace experts work closely with you to understand your business. We evaluate how effectively space is currently used across your portfolio. Smart tools like “All in a days work” allow us to analyse what people need from their workplace to work better.

Based on accurate data, we recommended tailored, evidence-based workplace solutions to:


  • Create the right environments for people to collaborate, focus and achieve more
  • Remove barriers like noise or lack of privacy
  • Re-purpose unproductive and unused space to reduce costs and increase your business performance


Leading change for successful workplace transformation

Workplace Strategy

Whether your challenge is a major retrofit, re-organisation or relocation, our workplace experts empower your employees to smoothly adopt new ways of working. We listen to, consult and engage them so that the change is fully embraced and your business continues smoothly. With our combined real estate, facilities and project management knowledge, we ensure that all building operations and workplace procedures are in place from the start. The new workplace can quickly be used to its full potential.


Research and innovation to solve future workplace challenges

Globalisation, new technology and new talent are changing the way we work – faster than workplaces change. We run the largest research programme on workplace trends in our industry to:


  • Anticipate new demands on the workplace
  • Introduce innovative and more effective ways of working
  • Make your workplace fit for the future
  • Provide workplace solutions tailored to the needs of your employees and business


The outcome: healthy, productive workplaces and production environments that fit your business now and in the future.