Advanced Security Systems and Fire Safety Solutions

Advanced Security Systems and Fire Safety Solutions

Create safe and secure environments with integrated building security services & fire safety solutions

Johnson Controls' building security services and fire safety solutions can help you achieve comfortable, safe environments that protect people and secure assets. We design and implement advanced security systems that deliver simplicity of operation, enhanced effectiveness and cost-effective protection.

Why should you trust Johnson Controls with your building security services and fire safety solutions?

  • We serve 30% of Fortune 1000 companies and are responsible for advanced security solutions in over one billion square feet of commercially leased property

  • We have proven our ability to deliver up-front cost savings and on-going operating expense reduction with fully integrated building security systems and fire safety solutions

  • Our robust security management platform is built on an open, standards-based protocol, enabling countless integrations for future expandability

  • We have built a unique network of technology partners enabling ourselves to provide the most comprehensive solutions in the industry

  • We have a global presence that provides consistent quality with local expertise

Safety and Security Technologies

  • Access control,
  • Digital video surveillance,
  • Visitor management,
  • Intrusion detection,
  • Key and lock management,
  • Incident management and reporting,
  • Emergency communications,
  • Access control and Digital video surveillance integration,
  • Global security integration.

Safety and Security Services

  • Site surveys,
  • Testing and inspection,
  • Maintenance and upgrades,
  • Project management and installation,
  • Professional training,
  • Emergency response plans,
  • Remote alarm monitoring,
  • Remote video monitoring,
  • On-site and in-factory service.